The elevator pitch

I know you have heard about the elevator pitch, we all did. But do you know yours by heart?

In any case here is what you do. Imagine you are in an elevator with someone and get chatting. You have about 30 seconds to get your message across. If you have prepared your elevator pitch, you will be ready to take advantage of those few seconds and may come away with a client or networking contact.

Now, tap into your passion! Why do your do what you do? What is it you want to help other people do? What gets you excited about your work? What value do you give?

Get people interested, so they will start asking you questions. You will know you have a winner when people want to ask more questions, and it ends with you taking their card so you can call and schedule a chat.

Mastering the elevator pitch is a great challenge, and it is a great asset to have. Now, it is not said you should chase clients in elevators. But why not rehearse your elevator pitch until you have it down pat. You never know when your 30 second opportunity might appear, and you will be happy you practised.

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