Q: What shall I expect?

A: Coaching is based on the fundamental belief that people have within them all the potential resources they need to achieve the things they desire. Awaking these potentials and developing them into skills and powers is one of the higher ambitions for great coaching. With the stresses and strains of modern life, often the way forward becomes foggy and unclear. My role as a coach is to use effective questioning techniques to help guide you through the fog, bringing clarity and focus into your life. Regular coaching sessions keep you on track and are powerful means for implementing change much faster than doing it alone.


Q: How long does a coaching session take?

A: It takes between 30-60 minutes.


Q: What is the typical length of the coaching program and how is it delivered?

A: A coaching program or cycle consists of one coaching session per week. A coaching cycle can last as short as six sessions up to average cycle composed of 10-12 sessions and sometimes longer, always with an alignment of your needs.

Coaching sessions are conducted preferably over the Skype call or face to face. Skype call eliminates travel time and provides greater flexibility. Face to face coaching can add a personal touch and make a coaching session more fun. Additional support can be provided via email.


Q: How much will it cost me?

A: You have a choice between hourly rate R1000 ($69), monthly package R3600 ($249) or 12 sessions package R9600 ($663).