Name: Ivona Kleinová

Qualifications: Diploma in Professional Coaching (International Coaching Federation accredited), BA in Hotel Management and MBA (expected to finish in 2018)

Passions: Anything around entrepreneurship and business

Hobbies: Self-development, snowboarding, salsa, yoga, reading and fine dining

Born: 1979 in Czechoslovakia

Live in: Cape Town


  • I took not only one but a several gap years after high school and travelled all around the world and worked for some fascinating and inspiring people that planted an entrepreneurial seed.
  • It all began during a late night brainstorming with a friend. Being incited by wine, we realised that we are not the most loyal employees and would rather have employees. My then fiancee received a job offer in South Africa. Even though you would think I had probably the best job ever as a glossy hotel and spa magazine editor, my adventurous self could not let this opportunity go.
  • So, there I was in South Africa in 2008. The world economy was at its lowest. My fiancee was blossoming at his new job and me unemployed. I did not know a soul, and I was frightened thanks to the kidnapping training we received before leaving for South Africa. Who would have ever thought that I, the experienced world traveller, would be sobbing in the corner and calling her mum? I was angry, upset and most importantly lost. But the real entrepreneurial phase was just around the corner.
  • I then ventured in starting and running a couple of businesses from scratch in a foreign country. From freelance writing to fashion styling and design, through an online B2B portal for hotel and spa professionals to business coaching. 
  • Working in different countries and coming from various business backgrounds equipped me well with diverse business skills and ability to understand business structure and mechanics from different angles. I trust I will make the best possible match for you and your business. Take me on board and you will not ever look back!